Why We Give

Testimonials from Families:

Both my wife Alexis and I were familiar with BACS, ANC, and the New Church growing up nearby. Our respective small schools played BACS and ANC in sports. We moved to Huntingdon Valley in 2014, and our son Tristan was born two years later. As career educators, we have always held some pretty strong opinions about the intersection of school, community, and morality. I went to an elementary school where the secretary would actually drive me home because she lived at the bottom of my road, and the number one rule on the recess yard was that it was forbidden to exclude others. I was fairly certain that nothing could live up to those memories! At the end of the day my childhood was special because I had teachers who loved me, strange as that may sound to some.  Tristan, with his many gifts and eccentricities, is also deeply loved by his BACS teachers and the community. The entire process, from admission to enrollment, has been one defined by love as well. It is very safe to say that Tristan has only just begun to spread his wings because of BACS and the New Church. Interestingly, I feel as though the same is true for us as a family. ~Ian Sandberg