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June 16, 2024 - Rev. Derek Elphick
“The Power of Symbols”

“The Power of Symbols” Symbols, like pictures, speak a thousand words. This is especially true for symbols in the Word – they hold great power and personal significance to us because they embody spiritual values and attitudes we wish to adopt and emulate. The symbols of the Word, especially in the book of Revelation, remind us of what’s truly important in life which is why we rejoice at the refrain, “I saw heaven opened…” (Revelation 9:11).

The most formal of the services, this is another service primarily supported by the organ. It is preceded by meditative preludes starting at 10:40 am, and includes four hymns, an interlude, and a postlude, as well as an Office with selections sung by the congregation. Guest musicians often bring variety alongside the customary organ music, and this service is the home of the Cathedral Choir.

Download Written Sermons
These are the pdfs for the written sermons

6-16-24 (Derek P. Elphick) "I Saw Heaven Opened"

6-9-24 (Peter Buss, Jr.) "Hold Fast to What You Have"

6-2-24 (Derek P. Elphick) "Seeking Clarity"

5-26-24 (Malcolm G. Smith) "Know Your Enemies - The Assyrians"

5-19-24 (Bradley D. Heinrichs) "Becoming One Flesh"

5-12-24 (Kurt Hy. Asplundh) "Borrow Vessels and Shut the Door"

5-5-24 (Malcolm G. Smith) "Reaching Out"

4-28-24 (Jeremy F. Simons) "Guardians of Holiness"

4-21-24 (Stephen D. Cole) "Pearl of Great Price"

4-14-24 (Derek P. Elphick) "Build Houses, Plant Gardens"

3-24-24 Palm Sunday (Malcolm G. Smith) "What Kind of Savior Do You Need?"

3-17-24 (Coleman S. Glenn) "Taking Up the Cross"

3-10-24 (Jeffrey O. Smith) "Nobody Ever Said It Would Be Easy"

3-3-24 (John L. Odhner) "The Lord's Last Words"

2-18-24 (Malcolm G. Smith) "Know Your Enemies - The Syrians"

2-11-24 (Derek Elphick) "Anticipating the Famine"

2-4-24 (Brad D. Heinrichs) "Developing a Strong Faith"

1-28-24 (Malcolm G. Smith) "Know Your Enemies - The Philistines"

1-7-24 (Jeremy F. Simons) "Lion on a Watchtower"

12-31-23 (Malcolm G. Smith) "The Perspective of Simeon and Anna"

12-17-23 (Jeffrey O. Smith) "The Wisdom of Matthew's Nativity"

12-3-23 (Derek Elphick) "The Little Things"

11-26-23 (Pearse Frazier) "Prophecy and the Lord" sermon summary

11-19-23 (Malcolm G. Smith) "Know Your Spiritual Enemies - The Amorites"

11-19-23 (Malcolm G. Smith) "Know Your Spiritual Enemies - The Amorites"

11-12-23 (Derek Elphick) "Saving Nineveh"

11-5-23 (Peter Buss, Sr.) "Two Prophets" (sermon summary)

10-29-23 (Malcolm G. Smith) "The Word of God"

10-22-23 (Jeffrey O. Smith) “Living in the Present"

10-15-23 (Peter Buss, Jr.) “Rest for Your Souls"

10-8-23 (Derek P. Elphick) “Spiritual Paralysis"

10-1-23 (Scott I. Frazier) “Give Me Also Pools of Water"

9-24-23 (Malcolm G. Smith) “The Truth for the Sake of Truth"

9-17-23 (Jeremy F. Simons) “The Lord's Secret Presence"

9-3-23 (Derek P. Elphick) “Tell Your Story"

8-27-23 (Brad D. Heinrichs) “Devil's Pillow"

8-20-23 (Stephen D. Cole) “Wandering in the Wilderness

8-13-23 (Derek Elphick) “Lord, I believe; help My Unbelief!"

8-6-23 (Malcolm Smith) “Know Your Spiritual Enemies: The Edomites, Moabites, and Ammonites"

7-30-23 (Brian W. Keith) “Calming Winds of Life"

7-23-23 (Jeff O. Smith) “Oh, Troubler of Israel"

7-16-23 (Eric Carswell) “Two Last Judgments and Two Times Angels Were Causing Huge Problems"

7-9-23 (Derek Elphick) "Look at the Birds of the Air"

7-2-23 (Malcolm Smith) "Know Your Spiritual Enemies - Amalekites"

6-25-23 (John Odhner) "Spiritual Washing"

6-18-23 (Derek Elphick) "I have seen, I have heard, I have felt."

6-11-23 (Jeremy Simons) "The Seven Thunders"

6-4-23 (Malcolm Smith) "The Lord Wants to Have Holy Supper with You"

5-28-23 (Derek Elphick) "Simplicity"

5-21-23 (Malcolm Smith) "Gathered One by One"

5-14-23 (Solomon Keal) "Trusting in God"

5-7-23 (M. Smith) "Know Your Spiritual Enemies: The Egyptians"

4-23-23 (D. Elphick) "Making Judgments"

4-16-23 (B. D. Heinrichs) "Seeing the Lord"

4-2-23 (P. Buss, Jr.) "Wise Shifts in Perspectives"

3-26-23 "Know Your Spiritual Enemies - Overview"

3-12-23 "The Value of Ordinary Work"

3-5-23 "Although A Fool"

2-26-23 "When the Righteous Cry Out"

2-12-23 "Micah and the Danites"

2-5-23 "Be Strong"

1-29-23 "Worship and Reconciliation"

1-15-23 "How to Comprehend the Infinite"

1-8-23 "Taste and See"

1-3-23 "Fullness of State"

12-25-22 "Greatest Gift"

12-18-22 "The Role of Joseph and Our Prudence"

12-4-22 "The Lord Came to Bring Us from Darkness to Light"

11-27-22 "The Hope of Salvation"

11-20-22 "Seeing Providence: Old Age"

11-13-22 "Seeing Providence: Adulthood"

11-6-22 "Seeing Providence: The Early Years"

10-30-22 "Seeing Providence Throughout Our Lives"

10-23-22 "Rebuilding"

10-16-22 "Letting Go"

10-9-22 "The Parable of the Wheat"

10-2-22 "As in Heaven"

9-25-22 "The Use of Leaven"

9-18-22 "Comfort"

9-4-22 "When to Move Forward"

8-28-22 "Run!"

8-21-22 "The Woman at the Well"

8-14-22 "Let Your Light Shine"

8-7-22 "Breaking Bread"

7-31-22 "John's vision of the Lord"

7-24-22 "Come and See"

7-17-22 "Got Momentum?"

7-10-22 "You Shall Go Out with Joy"

7-3-22 "Does God Break God's Own Rules?"

6-26-22 "Belief in Divine Revelation"

6-19-22 "Think Again"

6-12-22 "Silence in Heaven"

6-5-22 "On Eagles' Wings"

5-29-22 "Marriage and the New Church"

5-22-22 "Dangers to the Church Represented in Revelation"

5-15-22 "Softening of Spring"

5-8-22 "In Search of Beauty"

5-1-22 "Receiving the Lord's Life in Ours -- Turning Water to Wine"

4-24-22 "Hope in the Lord's Mercy"

4-17-22 "And They Remembered His Words"

4-10-22 "Jesus Wept for the People of Jerusalem"

4-3-22 "Jesus Wept -- The Human Side of God" (sermon summary)

3-27-22 "Reading the Word"

3-20-22 "The Wandering Years"

3-13-22 "Making Peace"

3-6-22 "Heavenly Happiness -- Each Angel is the Center of All"

2-27-22 "The Ancient Law of the Pledge"

2-20-22 "Experiencing the Holy Spirit"

2-13-22 "Experiencing the Holy Spirit"

2-6-22 "The Lord Rules the Universe with Ease"

1-30-22 "I Will Fear No Evil"

1-23-22 "Look with New Eyes"

1-16-22 "Living with Imperfection"

1-9-22 "The Lamb on Mt. Zion"

1-2-22 "Taking Good Care of Yourself"

12-26-21 "Mary Pondered"

12-19-21 "The Wise Men were Prepared"

12-12-21 "The Word Became Flesh"

12-5-21 "What's in a Name"

11-28-21 "Holy Laughter"

11-21-21 "Jacob's Vow - Being Thankful"

11-14-21 "Holy Ground"

11-7-21 "Listening with Compassion"

10-31-21 "Listening with Humility"

10-24-21 "Listening with Patience"

10-17-21 "Listening with Awareness"

10-10-21 "Our Journey of Faith"

10-3-21 "Are You Convinced?"

9-26-21 "Great Expectations"

9-19-21 "Slaying the Amalekites"

9-12-21 "New Beginnings"

9-5-21 "Spiritual Freedom"

8-29-21 "The Sound of Truth"

8-22-21 "Consider the Lilies"

8-15-21 "Our Book of Life"

8-8-21 "Just Do the Right Thing!"

8-1-21 "Helping Others Grow"

7-25-21 "Friendship"

7-18-21 "Glimpses of Heaven"

7-11-21 "Divine Human"

7-4-21 "A Nation Whose God is the Lord"

6-27-21 "The Tree of Life in the Holy City"

6-20-21 "The Marriage Supper of the Lamb"

6-13-21 "The Tree of Life in the Holy City"

6-13-21 "The Tree of Life in the Holy City"

6-6-21 "Rider on the White Horse"

5-30-21 "That Your Joy May Be Full"

5-23-21 "Bargaining with the Lord"

5-16-21 "Lead Us Not into Temptation"

5-9-21 "The Holy Spirit"

5-2-21 "Hope in the Face of Fear" (outline)

4-25-21 "Carried Away"

4-18-21 "Breaking the Two Tablets of Stone"

4-11-21 "Bearing Much Fruit"

4-4-21 Easter Sunday - "Seeing the Risen Lord" (outline)

3-28-21 Palm Sunday - "The Lord Coming to Help"

3-21-21 "I am Coming as a Thief": The Lord's Secret Guidance

3-14-21 "Conjugial Love: A Most Precious Gem of the New Church"

3-7-21 "The Good Samaritan"

2-28-21 "Kindness and Disorder"

2-21-21 "Go Up on the Roof"

2-14-21 "What Inspires Kindness"

2-7-21 The Golden Rule and Being Wisely Kind to Others.doc

1-17-21-Believing-is-Seeing, by Grant Schnarr

1-3-21-Responding-to-Opportunities-for-Growth by Rev. Eric Carswell

Hearing Aid Induction Loop and Assisted Listening System

If you attend worship services in person in the Cathedral nave and you have a hearing aid with an induction loop program, you can now get the minister’s mic sent directly into your hearing aid by switching it to the induction loop program. This program is usually but not always labelled ‘T’ for Telecoil. This system has been in place for a long time but, recently, Levi McFall has been working on improving it. He would love to get a list of people who use the loop so that he can get feedback on how to make it work best for them. If you need help understanding how to use the loop or if you are willing to give feedback about how the induction loop is working for you, please email Levi (

It is also worth noting that there is a second, radio-based assisted listening system in the nave which works regardless of whether you have a hearing aid or not. This also sends the complete audio for the service rather than only the mister’s mic. To use this system, just ask for a receiver at the front desk. It will come with a little speaker that rests on your ear like headphones.

Technical assistance during a service

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For immediate technical assistance during a service, call the Front Desk at 215-947-0266 x4600.
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