Pay It Forward Crew

Pay It Forward Crew is part of Bryn Athyn Church’s effort to connect people in times of need with people who want to help out and offer support.

We are community volunteers – a network of men and women, young and old, ready to help in practical ways for people in times of need or struggle.

We will connect those who want to serve, with people who need support when dealing with illness, financial struggle, single parenting, a new baby, etc.  Possibilities are helping with things like moving, home repair, yard work, domestic support (cleaning, shopping, laundry, meals), etc. We picture people coming out to serve individually, in small groups, with their family, etc. – whatever is right for the job.

Being part of the crew does not mean you will be committing to every project. We hope to have a long list of people who could occasionally help out, whenever it works in their lives.  It’s helpful to know if you have specific interests, skills and/or tools to bring to use.

General Principles

  • Pay It Forward Crew is about helping people in difficult times.
  • Pay It Forward Crew respects privacy and dignity, working with people where they are.
  • Pay It Forward Crew strives to connect people to serving opportunities based on their passions and skills….serving from a place of love and joy.
  • Pay It Forward Crew provides short-ish term assistance.
  • Pay It Forward Crew acknowledges the cycles of life – that we all have times of serving and times of being served.

How to Get Involved

  • Join our email list and Facebook group to hear about current needs
  • Participate in an organized work or cooking day
  • Join the Planning Team to help prepare and organize events (meets twice monthly)
  • Make a financial donation to help cover costs
  • Help us spread the word!

To recommend someone who could use a time of extra care and support or to get involved please contact someone from the Planning Team:
Nina Dewees – / 215-947-6225 x206
LynnEllen King – / 215-932-9449

Read the Bryn Athyn Post and visit the Bryn Athyn Church Facebook page or Friends of Bryn Athyn Church group page for up-to-date information and for opportunities to help.