Cemetery Information

Bryn Athyn Church Cemetery
Established 1896

A naturally-wooded cemetery for Bryn Athyn Church members.

Open 8:00 am to Sunset

Regulations and policies for the Bryn Athyn Church Cemetery have been established by the Bryn Athyn Church Board of Trustees and entrusted to the Cemetery Committee.

The Bryn Athyn Church Cemetery has a peaceful woodland setting. We recognize that this is an intensely personal space for families, but it is also a shared space. We are respectful of this and believe that providing specific guidelines that govern the types of headstones, the size of the headstones, and the appearance of the plots allows for all to find solace in this sacred place. We also recognize that cemeteries are a place of history and require that all markers be made of granite, or stone with bronze plaque, and be clearly marked.

The Bryn Athyn Church Cemetery is owned by the Bryn Athyn Church; the church retains ownership of the land. The Bryn Athyn Church does not sell plots or transfer ownership. No casket or cremated remains may be buried, or grave marker placed, in the cemetery without prior authorization from the Pastors Office and a signed Cemetery Burial Agreement. All grave sites must be marked and officially recorded. There are fees for the burial and for the placing of a memorial or marker for each person. No grave marker may be altered without prior permission from the Pastors Office. All graves must be marked with an appropriate headstone within one year of the interment. A $500 Gravesite Marker Fee is required, and will be held on deposit with the Pastors Office. This fee will be refunded provided a headstone is installed (or in the case of a family headstone, updated), within one year. If the grave remains unmarked after one year, the fee will no longer be refundable. Non-conforming items will be removed from the cemetery.

Fees and Costs:

$500 Cemetery Fee per person.
$500 Gravesite Marker Fee (refundable if headstone is placed within one year of burial).

Opening and Closing costs:
$1000 opening and closing for a casket burial*
$200 for opening and closing of a cremation; (Families are welcome to inter cremation themselves)
*(Oversize casket or bedrock may increase costs)

Cemetery Guidelines and Rules:

1. Any work, planting, addition or installment must have prior permission from the Pastor’s Office.

2. Spreading of ashes is not permitted.

3. Burial sites may not be reserved in advance.

4. No monument or other structure above ground is permitted except headstones of simple design. No stone is to exceed 30 inches in height, 18 inches in depth and 24 inches in width for an individual, or 35 inches in width for a family headstone. Flat stones must be exposed at least three inches above ground level. The committee reserves the right to refuse any headstone that does not conform.

5. Headstone must include birth and death dates, at minimum years (years must include all 4 numbers)

6. A headstone must be installed within one year, as agreed at time of burial, or the Gravesite Marker Fee will no longer be refundable.

7. A family headstone must have updates made within one year of burial, or the Gravesite Marker Fee will no longer be refundable.

8. Caskets must be of natural material and require an individual headstone. A family headstone is permitted when second burial is a cremation.

9. Headstones are to uniformly face west.

10. All headstones are to be set in concrete by an approved installer.

11. Trellises, arbors, above-ground urns, potted plants, grave blankets, bird feeders, artificial flowers, non-natural memorabilia, border rocks, railings, copings, fencing or borders of any material are not permitted.

12. Non-conforming grave decorations for a new burial site may be left for a period of one month.

13. Natural mementos may be left at the site if in keeping with the harmony of the surroundings (e.g. shell or small stone).

14. The planting of an approved native variety of tree to maintain our wooded setting is encouraged. No planting of flowers, bushes or invasive plants is permitted. Please check with the Pastors Office for approved listing of trees.

15. The Cemetery Committee maintains the right to trim or remove any foliage that impinges on adjacent sites or paths, or is dangerous or inconvenient to others, or inconsistent with the natural setting.

16. Veterans’ graves may be marked with a single flag not exceeding 12 by 18 inches.

Please contact the Church Office for more information

600 Tomlinson Road
Bryn Athyn, PA 19009

Parking lot is for cemetery parking only