Keyboard Instruments

The Bryn Athyn Cathedral is blessed with a number of fine keyboard instruments that support our worship services.

Pipe Organ

Chara Aurora Cooper Haas Pipe Organ
Skinner-Kegg Opus 50

Our pipe organ was given to the church as a gift by Mr. Frederick Haas through the Wyncote Foundation in memory of Chara Aurora Cooper Haas, a beloved member of our church and community. The organ is comprised of 46 ranks totalling 3,230 pipes as well as a harp and two sets of chimes.  Although installed by Kegg Pipe Organ Builders in 2014, many of the pipes and other components are from E. M. Skinner organs contemporary with the first decade of the Cathedral’s life as a working church building:  Skinner Opera 574 and 682 make up the core of the instrument, with several other historic additions and new pipework commissioned by Kegg in the Skinner style. It is the fourth pipe organ in the history of the Bryn Athyn Church. 

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Digital Organ

Allen Quantum 410

Our main Allen organ was installed in 2011 following a generous gift by Tom and Charlene Cooper, and continues to serve regularly in worship services alongside the pipe organ. The four-manual 79-stop console is located on the west balcony, where it is frequently used to accompany the choir. The Q410 offers 7 suites of organ samples: Allen Classic, English Cathedral, Cavaillé Coll, Schlicker, Arp Schnitger, Aeolian Skinner, and “Orchestral”. Additionally, organist Kenneth Coy adds supplemental orchestral samples through his emulator and has written compositions with the sampling capabilities of this instrument specifically in mind.

The Allen Q410 console is located on the west balcony.


Blüthner 44710

Given as a gift in 2016 by Aida Epstein, the Cathedral holds a 7-foot grand piano built in Leipzig in 1896. It includes the Aliquot technology unique to the Blüthner company, a fourth string on the upper notes that is tuned to resonate harmonically.  While the organs provide the main music in preludes and accompanying hymns, the piano is popular as a change of texture or to accompany piano-specific pieces for the choir or in weddings and memorial services.

The piano is located in the north quire aisle.

Other Instruments

The church also uses a pair of digital organs for practice or remote services (Allen ADC 2140 and C12), a WWI-era Chickering quarter grand piano in the choir room, a number of upright pianos used for rehearsal and services in other rooms (Yamaha, Baldwin, Boston), and a set of Schulmerich handbells used in the schools and at Cathedral services on special occasions such as Christmas Eve.