Bryn Athyn Cathedral

For our worship services at the Bryn Athyn Cathedral, based on current guidelines, we recommend face coverings for unvaccinated and vaccinated guests indoors or in crowded areas outside. Our staff members who are on duty are being asked to wear face coverings indoors.

Our Cathedral

The Bryn Athyn Cathedral is situated on a hill overlooking the picturesque Pennypack Creek Valley in the borough of Bryn Athyn, Pennsylvania. It is the central place of worship for Bryn Athyn Church and a gathering place for members of the New Church throughout the world.

The main construction of the Cathedral took place between the years 1913 and 1928 with work on the stained glass windows and interior decoration continuing into the early 1940s and beyond. The main Cathedral building is Gothic, while the northern and southern buildings are in the early Romanesque style. The symbolic plan is based on the teachings of the New Church.


We welcome you to join us for worship services and special events (in person or watch live via the internet) or for visits and tours. A schedule of upcoming events and special services can be found on the Calendar page of our Church website.  In-person services are currently offered for the 9:30AM family service and the 11:00AM adult service with the expectation that masks will be worn and social distancing will be respected. Other services are livestreamed, or available for listening outdoors.

Hours of Operation

Front desk business hours, Monday-Friday, 10:00AM-4:00PM.

The grounds are open seven days a week during daylight hours, except during worship services and special events, when they are closed to visitors. Please check our church calendar or call ahead to confirm that the Cathedral Grounds are open.


The beautiful and expansive grounds of the Bryn Athyn Cathedral are enjoyed by both church members and by many visitors from the extended community. The master landscaping plan for the grounds strives to combine the spiritual correspondences of the building and the landscape into one comprehensive whole.

The primary purpose of the grounds surrounding the Cathedral is to support the activities and needs of the Bryn Athyn Church congregation and demonstrate our doctrine in a living way, while maintaining the Cathedral as the symbolic center of the New Church. Providing a beautiful environment is important in creating an inspirational atmosphere for those who worship with us.

Visitors are invited to enjoy the serenity of the grounds. Quiet and reflective activities are encouraged. Our intention is to establish a connection between the peaceful internal and external aspects of the Cathedral.

Please bear in mind that this sacred house of worship is an active church on private property. Pets, smoking, food, blankets or chairs, sunbathing, sports activities, riding toys, and loud noises are not permitted.


Informal snapshots are welcome as well as building and garden photography for personal use only.  Portrait photography is not permitted.  Wedding photography is only permitted for Cathedral weddings.  Please see our Cathedral Photography Policy for more details.