Bryn Athyn Church School offers a high-quality Christian education for children from Preschool through Eighth Grade.

We strive to provide children with an education that prepares them to become useful citizens of this world, and instills in them the values and habits needed by members of the Lord's heavenly kingdom. The Bryn Athyn Church School and Preschool together with the Academy Secondary Schools, educates children in the light of the teachings of the New Church. Religion is integrated into every aspect of the life of the school, through direct and indirect instruction. Students attend daily worship services and study religion in the classroom. Love to the Lord and the neighbor are the highest values taught them, along with obedience to the Ten Commandments and a life of useful service.

Families that share an interest in the positive values and teachings of the New Church are invited to consider the Bryn Athyn Church School for their children.

Bryn Athyn Church School

Bryn Athyn Church School offers a high-quality New Church education for children from Kindergarten through Eighth Grade. Our mission is to help prepare our students to be useful citizens of this world and to instill in them the values and habits needed by members of the Lord’s heavenly kingdom.

Bryn Athyn Church Preschool

The Bryn Athyn Church Preschool provides an excellent environment and education for your child to grow and learn. Our goal is to nurture the zest for living that is a natural part of early childhood and to provide an atmosphere which allows them to learn about themselves, each other, the world and a loving God.