Small Groups

We welcome you to connect with others in a small group.

Life is complicated, beautiful, hard and joyful. Don’t go it alone! Small groups form around all different topics and focuses. Although meeting in person is discouraged, we are still fostering space for real conversation and spiritual connection online and safely distanced outdoors. You might walk together, support each other in a life endeavor like finding a job, nurturing a relationship, or opening to creativity. You might encourage one another in new habits like reading the Word, eating healthy, exercising more or meditation. There are endless possibilities for how small groups can take form. Get connected through Small Groups at Bryn Athyn Church. Below is a sampling of groups and their focus:

  • Loss and Found Support Group
  • Men’s Groups
  • Women’s Groups
  • Young Adult's Groups
  • Couples' Mentoring
  • Doctrinal Study Groups
  • Arcana class (Thursdays via conference call at 4:00 pm)


I’ve never been in a small group before, what should I expect?

A small group is a chance for a group of people (usually 4-8) to get together and talk about a topic. The truth is, though, people tend to feel uplifted and inspired by small groups because of the personal connections. In a safe small group setting, people tend to be very honest and open. This has shown to be very comforting and healing in a world where it can be easy to miss out on sincere human connection. It’s a great chance to hear and be heard, and grow spiritually, connect with others, and explore some topic in a deeper way than you may ever have before.

I see the options available but none of those days/times work for me. How can I still be involved?

We are so glad you want to be involved. You have a few choices. 1) You could get together a friend or two and gather at a time that works for you. Facilitating a group is simple and we welcome your involvement. 2) You could do the program on your own, reading the book, doing the assignments, attending worship services, etc. Connect with our small group coordinator, Bronwen Henry ( for more information.