Classes and Small Groups

Small Groups:

Fall Journey Series -- "Tell Me More"
Sundays, October 17-November 7, 2021

Bryn Athyn Church is offering this four-week series on building listening skills as a community. Join us as we build and expand our capacity to be present with and supportive of one another through the intentional development of our ability to compassionately listen. We all probably have relationships where compassionate listening would help. During this four-week series, we will focus on building listening skills as a community, inspired by stories and insights from the Bible and Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg. Listening is a wonderful way to love our neighbor, and listening to God’s Word is a wonderful way to love the Lord. During the four-week worship series, we will also offer a variety of small group options through the week. At this time, we are looking for volunteers to lead and/or host the small group meetings. Please get in touch with Nina Dewees at or 215-947-6225 x206 to get involved or learn more.

Couples Mentoring Couples: Coordinated by Pastor John and his wife, Lori, who have been married for over 30 years. This program offers the opportunity for one married couple to meet on a regular basis with another married couple to encourage and support them in their marriage journey. Often, the mentoring couple discovers that their own marriage is incredibly enriched and blessed by this experience. If you and your spouse are interested in becoming mentors or would like to be mentored, contact John ( or Lori (

Caring For Elderly Parents Support Group Meets the 2nd Wednesday of each month at 7:15pm. Contact Nina Dewees at or 215-947-6225 x206 for details.


I’ve never been in a small group before, what should I expect?

A small group is a chance for a group of people (usually 4-8) to get together and talk about a topic. The truth is, though, people tend to feel uplifted and inspired by small groups because of the personal connections. In a safe small group setting, people tend to be very honest and open. This has shown to be very comforting and healing in a world where it can be easy to miss out on sincere human connection. It’s a great chance to hear and be heard, and grow spiritually, connect with others, and explore some topic in a deeper way than you may ever have before.

I see the options available but none of those days/times work for me. How can I still be involved?

We are so glad you want to be involved. You have a few choices. 1) You could get together a friend or two and gather at a time that works for you. Facilitating a group is simple and we welcome your involvement. 2) You could do the program on your own, reading the book, doing the assignments, attending worship services, etc. Connect with our small group coordinator, Nina Dewees ( for more information.