Derek Elphick

Head Pastor

 215-947-6225 x208

Eric Carswell

Assistant Head Pastor

215-947-6225 x207

Solomon Keal

Informal Worship Pastor

215-947-6225 x209

Phil Schnarr

Young Children's Pastor

215-947-6225 x226

Jeremy Simons

Cathedral Chaplain

215-947-0266 x4612

John Odhner

Assistant Pastor

215-947-6225 x203

Meg Rohtla

Cathedral Director

215-947-0266, x4601

Julia Schmucker

Visitor Services

215-947-0266, x4600

Kris Pitcairn

Wedding Coordinator

215-947-0266, x4604

Dr. Graham Bier

Music Director

215-947-0266, x4605

Terry Schnarr

Principal Organist


Lori Odhner

Marriage Support


Stewart Asplundh 


215-947-6225 x210

Liza Hyatt 


215-947-6225 x200

Nina Dewees

Support and Engagement Coordinator

215-947-6225 x206

Sue Adams

Assistant to the Treasurer

215-947-6225 x201

Diana Mergen

Development Coordinator

215-947-6225 x202

LynnEllen King

Administrative Assistant

215-947-6225 x204

Joy Cole

Online Outreach Manager

215-947-6225 x271