Cathedral Photography Policy

Bryn Athyn Cathedral

Exterior and Interior Photography Policy

We welcome visitors to beautiful Bryn Athyn Cathedral and it’s grounds.

Please bear in mind that we are a sacred house of worship, an active church. Quiet and reflective activities are encouraged on the grounds and in the building to maintain a peaceful and reverent sphere.

All Cathedral rules must be obeyed while visiting Bryn Athyn Cathedral.

Portrait Photography:

Only informal snapshots for private use are allowed on Cathedral grounds or in the building.
Portrait photography is not permitted. This includes pregnancy, engagement, prom, automobile, wedding, special occasion and family photography taken by friends or professionals.
Glencairn Museum (267-502-2600) and Cairnwood Estate (215-947-2004) have photography policies that provide opportunities for the above. Please contact them with inquiries.
Architectural and Garden Photography:

Photographs of the building and gardens are permitted by individual amateurs or professionals for private use only.
Tripods are permitted.
No drones, no props.
The Cathedral Staff reserves the right to request copies of photographs taken here for their advertising purposes.
For photography classes or groups please contact the front desk to schedule. 215-947-0266 ext. 4600.

Bryn Athyn Cathedral is part of the Bryn Athyn Historic District along with Cairnwood Estate and Glencairn Museum. While all three buildings welcome visitors, they are privately owned and operated with individual policies.

All photography is at the discretion of Bryn Athyn Cathedral and may only be taken when the grounds and building are open.

Unless closed for a funeral, private service or holiday the Cathedral grounds are open to visitors Monday through Saturday during daylight hours and Sunday, 1pm until sunset.

Unless closed for a funeral, private service or holiday the Cathedral building is open to visitors Monday through Friday 9-4, Saturday & Sunday 1-4.

We expect the photography and the behavior of those people involved to be quiet, respectful and in good taste. Offenders will be asked to leave if photography or behavior is inappropriate as determined by Cathedral staff.