Capital Campaign Donations

Thank you for your support.

To make a donaton to the building fund, choose "other" and type "Building Fund" into the comment box.

Other Ways to Give


These can be mailed to:

Bryn Athyn Church-Treasurer-P.O. Box 277-Bryn Athyn, PA-19009

Please make your checks payable to "Bryn Athyn Church." Add "building fund" in the memo.


Stewart Asplundh, Treasurer (215-947-6225 x210)

Sue Adams, Assistant to the Treasurer (215-947-6225 x201)

Diana Mergen, Development Coordinator (215-947-6225 x202)

Alternative Gifts

Many types of alternative gifts are welcome, but each such alternative gift must be authorized by our treasurer before proceeding with your donation. Examples would be shares of stock, real estate, life insurance proceeds, making the church a beneficiary of will, etc. Contact us for details.


Why should I consider making a pledge?

It allows you to space out your donation over time and make a larger commitment to a project of great importance to our community and provides BAC with a realistic expectation of the funding before we start construction.

·         How would it work?

Print out a pledge form and return the completed copy to the pastor's office. Alternatively, you can email

·         How could I make payments?

You can do them via ACH transfer, on your credit card or the church office would be happy to send you pledge reminders so you can pay by check if you wish to make payments on a quarterly or annual basis.  If you are a church or school employee, you can also make payments through payroll deduction.