Virtual Cook Day

Virtual Cook Day! Thursday, March 24, 3:00-5:00pm on zoom from the comfort of your own kitchen!  It will be a time of cooking together, but from our own homes. Nina will be your lovely hostess to stimulate introductions and conversation, and Danielle Orthwein will be sharing cooking tips and stories from her own experience of community cooking in California.

PIFC was gifted with four turkeys, and now that we’ve used all the PIFC food in the freezer, we want to make “all things turkey” (soup, casserole, pot pies, enchiladas, etc.) to refill our stock of available frozen comfort food.

LynnEllen and Danielle will roast the turkeys, and you can sign up to use one of the eight half turkeys that will be available to create your own food.

You can also cook or bake whatever, that has nothing to do with turkey, that you would like to donate.  We just ask that it be something that freezes well.

Please email if you would like to participate, and whether you would like to reserve a half turkey. I will share zoom link and more info about containers and packaging with those who sign up to participate.

By March 25 we will again have frozen food to take to folks facing challenging times, so keep that in mind.  You are always welcome to pick up and deliver.