Upcoming Journey Program – (October 30 – November 20)

“We are allowed to see Divine Providence from behind but not face to face, and when in a spiritual state, not in a materialistic one.” Divine Providence 187

Join us for a four-week Journey small group and sermon series beginning October 30 through November 20, 2022. This Journey program will offer a time to reflect on how Providence leads us throughout our lifespan. Learning from the story of Moses, we will have a chance to consider how Providence has been at play in the details of our own lives, and will continue to do so in the future.

“Providence is at work in the most specific aspects of everything, as accords with the Lord’s words that not even a hair falls from one’s head unless God wills it.” Arcana Coelestia 6494

Weekly Themes

Week 1: Providence throughout our lives
Week 2: The Early Years
Week 3: Adulthood
Week 4: Old Age

Small Groups

We are looking for small group leaders at this time. Might this be a good fit for you this fall?

Since we will be looking at Providence throughout the lifespan, one idea is to create “Decades Groups” — trying to create groups with a person from each decade of life — i.e., 20s, 30s, etc. through the 90s! This could provide rich and broad perspectives!

Contact Nina to get involved or for more info: 215-947-6225 x206 or nina.dewees@brynathynchurch.org.