Kindness Series

February 7th to March 7th, Bryn Athyn Church worship services will be exploring the theme of Kindness. People interested in community connection and action around practicing kindness can get involved in small groups. In addition to focusing on Acts of Kindness, the five themes we will explore in this new series, are inspired by a variety of bible stories in the Old and New Testaments with beautiful insights from Swedenborg's Writings.

Week One: Being aware of the needs of self and others.
Week Two: Giving more than is asked.
Week Three: Meeting people where they are. Connect people to find help.
Week Four: Showing kindness for someone who is in a difficult space.
Week Five: Accepting kindness from others
Would you like to get involved in a Practicing Kindness small group? Would you like to help facilitate one? If this feels energizing and you want to learn more, message small group coordinator, Bronwen Henry, and/or plan to attend the Kindness Small Group Leader and Host Gathering, Tuesday January 26, 7-8pm to learn more--Let Bronwen know you want to attend and she'll send you access info.