Pastor’s Message


In an effort to continue helping people feel they are part of one congregation, Malcolm Smith and I have developed a new hosting program. It’s nothing big or fancy but it’s another small step towards helping attendees feel more connected to the broader congregation. Here’s how it works: all five pastors - myself, Malcolm, Solomon, Jeremy and John - are on a monthly rotation where we all take turns “hosting” one of the four services offered by Bryn Athyn Church.
Sometimes the “host” pastor will do double-duty in that he will preach at a particular service, say Informal, as well as host. At other times, two different pastors will be at the same service, say Young Children’s, with one preaching and the other hosting. The host’s job is to welcome people to church, spend time with them, and make announcements after church. All five pastors will be sharing the same news and information at each of the four services - Informal, Young Children’s, Family and Adult. This “cross pollination” of both information and pastors is intended to break down the silo effect that can sometimes happen when we are worshipping at different locations. As always, feel free to give me your feedback as we try new ways to build a congregational sense of unity.
~ Rev. Derek Elphick (