No More Sermon Reviews

When the Bryn Athyn Post was first published as a separate newsletter (instead of as a column in The Breeze of Lower Montgomery County newspaper) in September 1971, one of the things it included was a review of the sermon from the past Sunday written by the editor of the Post, Leon S. Rhodes. Leon kept dutifully writing these weekly sermon reviews for many years. At some point, the task was handed off to the theologs for some years, and eventually it became the task of the minister who preached the sermon.

Beginning this week, we will no longer include sermon reviews in the Post. When sermon reviews were provided in the 1970s, there was not a great way to catch up on a sermon that you had missed. Now, wherever you are in the world, you can watch a video of the full service, listen to the audio recording, or read the written version of the sermon. (We only provide written version of sermons for the Adult Service and only when a minister provides one. If one is provided, it will be made available online within a few days. on the Adult Service page on our website.)

You can find the video and audio recordings on the pages for each of the individual services at We also now include direct links to these recordings in the weekly email version of the Post. Look in the body of the email under the heading “Recent Services.” If you would like to subscribe to receive the email version of the Post, visit The email version does not cost anything to subscribe.

If you have any questions or comments about this change, you can get in touch with Derek ( and/or Malcolm (