Overcoming Denial of the Lord

March 29th, 2021

By the time when the cock crew was meant the last state of the church, ... by [Peter’s] denial three times, was signified full and complete denial of the Lord in the end of the church.

By coming into the world, glorifying His Human and reordering the spiritual world, we might say that the Lord had complete and total success in accomplishing His mission. And still, it is plain to see that in the world the Lord met rejection and denial at every turn. Yes, crowds gathered to hear and marvel at His wise sayings, His miraculous cures. And Jerusalem came alive on Palm Sunday to herald His
kingship. Yet the Lord’s ministry was fraught with incidents of rejection culminating in His final days where even His closest followers abandoned Him. The three eerie crows of a rooster symbolized the finality of an entire spiritual age. Something had to die in a conclusive way before a new more internal phase of conjunction between God and humankind could begin.

As the natural world around us shows signs of glorious new life, we are blessed with physical reminders that
gladness can return after things die off. The world of nature is said to be a “theater representative of the Lord’s kingdom” (AC 5116). The Lord in His second coming invites us to observe this theatrical performance in a new way.

Rather than attributing the stunning beauty and rapturous feelings of spring to principles of science, look
deeper. Look with the eyes of your spirit and you can find energy from the Divine, living and dancing before you. See that only the Mind of a Divinely Human God could fashion such things and bring such delight. Break free from the limits of natural causation and see that the Lord’s mission for your life is to bring you eternal states of spring that are even more stupendous than what we see in the magnificent gardens so
lovingly cultivated in our little town.

The Easter story is one of denial, death and sorrow and yet without this phase, a new spring-like era could not have begun. If you are in denial, have lost someone close to you, or feel sorrowful, take heart, spring is here. Turn to the Lord and ask for His Sun to shine in your heart today. Hope you have a happy Easter.