It’s All Good

A family member of mine bristles when I say, “It’s all good” in response to the everyday How are you? We don’t have to look far to realize that it’s not all good. The news—politics—our own little borough. Evidence abounds to support the idea that there is a mix of good and evil. And take a look even closer to home—honest examination of our own thoughts and feelings will provide ample examples of room for improvement.

Rest assured that I am not blind to the shortcomings of humanity—and my own humanity. I am also aware of the vile things to which the Writings compare the basest aspects of the human experience. But I still say, “It’s all good.” Allow me to share my rosy glasses with you, and then feel free to take them off after reading through to the end.

Despite the shortcomings of this world, I am confident in the fact that the Lord is in control. I believe firmly that the Lord is leading to a good end. Through our eyes, the world looks corrupt and messy. We tend to look at each moment and action and person as a final product. But each and every event, and each and every person is part of a grand process that the Lord is leading onward and upward. Nothing at all is outside of the Lord’s foresight and providence. The more we believe this and live into this, the less bleak this world looks and becomes.

Imagine you walk into a room of people who are acting and speaking kindly, but you have been warned that they are all swindlers in there. How will you feel and act in that room? Now imagine you walk into a room of people who appear emotionless and expressionless, but someone you trust has informed you that these people just came from a funeral. How will you feel and act? If we see this world as generally corrupt and evil, then we are far more likely to take offense and see the offender as corrupt and evil. But if we see this world as “all good”, then we become far more likely to forgive an offense, and to see the offender as someone that the Lord is leading very specifically in His providence.

It’s all good is an intention to look at this world with hope. The Lord’s omnipotence has it under control. It’s all good is not ignorant, and it is not naïve. Evil still gets correction, and the good and innocent still get protection. But it is a choice to focus on the good in the world and forgive perceived wrongdoings.

You are now welcome to give back the rosy glasses. Or you can keep them and put them on every once in a while.