Community Supper

At the beginning of the summer I invited our readers to take part in a fun, lighthearted contest to pick a name for a new program we’re starting this Fall, namely a “rebooted” version of Friday Supper. Well, I have to say, you didn’t disappoint and I’d like to thank everyone who submitted a name or, in some cases, multiples names. You offered many clever, creative, catchy titles to capture the spirit of this new initiative. It certainly helped clarify what it is we’re aiming to accomplish. What became clear in the process was that whatever name we pick shouldn’t require too much explanation, which is why we settled on “Community Supper.” Like Community Worship this name captures the essence of what we’re wanting to do - build community in which we take a “big tent” approach to congregational life by laying aside our differences so that we may gather together for purposes bigger than our individual wants and needs. I’m excited to be offering this Community Supper. The timing is right. As a church community we need each other more than ever. We’re living in an increasingly fractured, polarized world which too often pits us against each other unnecessarily. The church has a unique role in serving as a safe haven, a sanctuary, to gather people together under the banner of the Lord in His second coming and it is my hope, my prayer, that this new Community Supper serves that end. Stay tuned for details about this program.