“Building for the Future”

Sunday, January 14, 2024 was historic for Bryn Athyn Church in that Holy Supper was offered at all four services in the Cathedral - Young Children’s at 9:30 am (Undercroft), Informal Family at 10:15 am (Undercroft), Family Service at 9:30 am (Nave) and Adult Service at 11:00 am (Nave). Until recently, parents in the Young Children’s and Family services weren’t taking the holy supper unless they remembered to switch services that day and attend Informal Family or the Adult Service where Holy Supper was being offered. This new approach, “Holy Supper Sunday,” allows everyone to partake regardless of which service they are attending. This has been logistically challenging but well worth it. There are several nice benefits to this approach which I think are helping build congregational togetherness and unity, but there’s also one less obvious benefit that I’d like to mention here, namely the lesson this is teaching our children and grandchildren who are the future of our church. Over the past year or so, I’ve heard quite a few comments from church members that they never witnessed their parents taking the Holy Supper growing up. This has, in some cases, generated the unintended consequence of cloaking the Holy Supper in mystery resulting in adults not being clear on the benefits of the Holy Supper or even if it’s open to them. Fast forward to Sunday, January 14, to the many young children and young adults who got to see their parents partake of this holy sacrament. That is a memory that will stick with them and serve them well in the future.