Godly Play

Bryn Athyn Church is introducing a new Sunday children’s program called Godly Play!

Starting March 10, 2019, from 10:45 am to 12:15 pm, children ages 3-12 are invited to join us on Sunday mornings for Godly Play, a program just for kids. Whether you attend a current worship service or none at all, you’re invited (if you have a child at the edge of the suggested age range, please contact the coordinator, Anne Grace Glenn, to discuss what’s best for your family).
Godly Play, a new Sunday morning children’s program, is looking for volunteers and donations to make our program a success. There are many ways to be involved–as a classroom teacher (storyteller and door person), a greeter, a snack provider, a builder or crafter. Godly Play uses physical objects to tell stories from the Word and about the Church, and while many of these materials can be purchased, it is a blessing to have hand-crafted materials for the children to work with, lovingly made by community members in support of the program.
We are looking for the following volunteers:
– Classroom teachers, storytellers, door people, greeters – we are hosting a training session on March 1-3 for classroom teachers. This is a 22-hour retreat-style course with a certified trainer from the Godly Play Foundation. It will be free of cost for volunteers.
– Woodworkers to create shelving for holding our materials; create hand-carved wood materials, create a “desert box” (a small sandbox on wheels with clear sides).
– Painters to paint figures/plaques.
– Sewers to make several “desert bags” and other materials.
– Crafters to put materials together (cutting, pasting, painting, crafting)
NOTE: All materials and patterns will be provided.

Specific items for donation:
Low bookshelves (30”-48” high), varying lengths
Wooden trays of all sizes
Wooden “shoe” boxes with removable lid
Baskets WITHOUT overhead handles, of all shapes and sizes
Tin cans (clean, labels removed, no sharp edges)
8 oz drinking glasses
White cloth napkins
Clean play sand (we need 200 pounds)
Colored pencils
Watercolor paint sets
Paint brushes
Watercolor paper
Plastic trays for painting (smooth surface)
Children’s scissors
Glue sticks
White glue
Felt (especially large pieces in 1 and 2 yard lengths) in red, white, black, green, brown, tan, dark/royal purple
Crafting materials including fabric, yarn, wood, cord, etc.
Clean used toilet paper and paper towel rolls, and cardboard scraps
Craft/construction paper

For questions and/or to drop off donations, please contact Anne Grace Glenn at 267-266-7596 or anne.grace.glenn@gmail.com.