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Special Society Meeting Vote Tallies

November 12, 2020

Dear Friends,

I’m very grateful for all of you who braved a rainy Wednesday night to attend the Special Society Meeting. I’m also grateful for the staff, board members and others who worked together to make it a successful meeting. Special thank you to Keith Genzlinger for his work, first experimenting with the FM transmitter a few weeks ago and then setting up what I thought was an effective sound system last night.  Below are the results of the final voting tallies:

  • Derek Elphick nomination

255    YES
28      NO

  • Newly appointed board members:

Angus Glenn                      Kayne Lermitte
Reuben Mergen                Scott Nash

  • Amendment to the Bylaws
    263     YES
    7     NO

Again, thanks for all of your participation.

Pastor Eric Carswell

Rev. Derek Elphick’s Response to Affirmation Letter (click here)
Rev. Derek Elphick’s Response to Affirmation Video (click here)