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Resilience Small Group

Connecting in community is one of the ways we build resilience. today.

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We invite you to join a small group to support well-being, health and resilience in this challenging time.

Life is filled with ups and downs and resilience is needed. Sometimes resilience is small (making it through the day), sometimes resilience is big after a major life event (illness, trauma, job loss, relationship ending, grief etc).

We need resilience in our relationships and in our lives. Resilience is about claiming our agency–that we are powerful and to find solidarity being on this path with others, knowing others who have had setbacks and kept going. While this series encourages resilience and claiming agency, this in no way asserts that those who’ve been hurt by racism, loss, illness, etc. need to “get over it and keep going.” Sometimes the hurt is so overwhelming that the most healing thing is to stop, feel it, be angry, grieve, sleep, cry, or vent, and there is no shame in this.

In this offering we will explore practices of resilience enlivened by ancient sacred text (portions of the Joseph story from Genesis) and supported by scientific data.

We hope that together we can be strengthened and experience more resilience on all levels.

Download Resilience Booklet Here.

Download Abridged Resilience Resources Here.

Can you facilitate?

Do you have the capacity in your life to help create community? We’d love your help facilitating a resilience group.

Please plan to attend the small group facilitator gathering coming up:

Tuesday September 22nd 7:30-8:30 pm.

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