Online Reading Programs

“Everyone whose soul desires it is capable of seeing the truths of the Word in the light” (Apocalypse Revealed 224)


“By the Word of the Lord the heavens were made and all the host of them by the breath of His mouth”. (Psalm 33:6)

The Lord’s Word helps us most when we read it every day. When we read it daily we will find that we more easily understand what it says. Reading the Word is more a matter of the heart than the head. By showing up at the pages every day we open our heart to the Lord.

The Bryn Athyn pastoral staff would like to help you in turning to the Lord every day. Here are opportunities for you to get involved:

1. Daily readings from the Word

We offer a number of programs, which can be sent to you online in a number of lengths and formats:

a. Daily Inspirations

Short readings from General Church Outreach Office emailed to you. Sign up here.

b. Arcana Coelestia.

Slightly longer daily readings (½ to 1 page) from Arcana Caelestia. These will be emailed to you. Sign up here:

2.  Read the Word one chapter a week.

These will be emailed to you. Sign up here:

3.  Read the Word daily in a year.

Slightly longer daily readings from the King James Bible with corresponding readings in Scripture. These will be emailed to you. Sign up here:

4.  Festival Readings

We provide booklets of readings at various times of the year, such as before Christmas, Easter and New Church Day. You can pick them up at the Pastors Office or at the Cathedral when they become available a few weeks before the festival.  You can also sign up to get the festival readings daily by email.