The Lord Drawing Near

From Rev. Eric Carswell, Head Pastor
December 17, 2019

The Lord was born that He might draw near to all human beings. He was born that we might know Him as a Human God. He was born that He might give us the strength and the understanding to better follow Him. He was born into this world so that He might lead us freely to the joy and fulfillment of heaven.
We celebrate Christmas as the beginning of the most momentous event that has ever occurred. The infinite God, the creator and sustainer of the whole universe, chose to be born into this world. He was born as the son of Mary and He was also the Son of “the Highest.” His soul was the one and only infinite God. When Mary wrapped her newborn infant in swaddling cloths and laid Him in a manger, that infant had a natural brain and memory that knew no more than you or I did at that age. But as Jesus learned in infancy and childhood, the wisdom of His infinite soul could show itself ever more clearly within Jesus’ conscious mind.
Because of love and wisdom of the infinite God only gradually became conscious in Jesus’ mind, He was able to face the spiritual battles that you and I must fight. He was able to conquer the power of the hells not only for Himself, but also took on the power to conquer them for us, if we seek His help and do our part in the battle. We are taught:

When the Lord was in the world, from His Human He fought against and overcame all the hells, and at the same time restored the heavens to order, after which labors, He united His Human to the Divine, making it Divine Good as well. Consequently, at this point He had rest, for the hells cannot lift a finger against Divine Good. (Arcana Caelestia 10367:7)

By conquering the hells through His life, the Lord provided us with the ability to withstand them as well.

The Lord’s love – a most ardent love – was the salvation of the whole human race; it was therefore a total affection for good and affection for truth in the highest degree. Against these all the hells contended, employing the most malicious forms of guile and venom, but the Lord nevertheless conquered them all by His own power. Victories have this effect, that after they have been won, wicked genii and spirits do not dare to attempt anything; for their life consists in their being able to destroy, but when they perceive that a person is able to withstand them, they flee even when they are making their first assault, as they usually do when they draw near to merely the threshold of heaven. They are straightaway gripped with horror and dread and hurl themselves back in retreat. (Arcana Caelestia 1820:5)

The Lord’s birth into the world more than 2000 years ago provided the means for us to be saved and led to the peace and joy of heaven. The Lord was born because He loves us. He was born in order to draw near and help us with His infinitely wise care.

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