The Charter Day Video 2019

From Rev. Jeremy Simons, Cathedral Chaplain
November 19, 2019

Last week the Academy put up a new video on the Academy of the New Church Secondary Schools YouTube channel titled “Charter Day 2019.” The four-minute film shows scenes from this year’s Charter Day celebrations, accompanied by a voice-over of Rev. Mark Pendleton giving the Charter Day address at the Cathedral.
Rev. Pendleton did an excellent job speaking to the heart of the Academy and General Church mission, building around the theme of meeting the Lord in Galilee. He said:

“The Lord said, ‘Don’t be afraid. Go and tell My brethren to go to Galilee. There they will see Me.’ Why Galilee? Emanuel Swedenborg gives a spiritual reason. He suggests that on a symbolic level, Galilee represents certain states of mind that many people experience—states of openness to considering what they hear or read, and then putting what they believe to be true and good to work in their lives.
“And I imagine that you are just like the rest of the people in this hundred-year-old building. Because it’s in your desire for truth and goodness in life, in your openness to learning and considering, and your determination to put things you learn and love into practice, that I believe you will see Him too.”

As Rev. Pendleton says these words, we see spectacular and moving scenes with drone views of the campus and Charter Day procession (the faces of students, teachers and alumni marching to the church) activities from Kite Day, the Bryn Athyn Bounty, the athletic contests, reunions, and banquets.
We see the members of the Class of 1949 being honored at their 70th reunion and Deev Murphy, the Cupcake Lady, at the Bounty for the last time.
Rev. Pendleton said, speaking about the faculty:
“I believe that these women and men want nothing but the best for each one of you—now, in your future, and for the entire trajectory of your life. In their minds, and in this particular approach to education, they have a hold of something that they have to give—something that they believe is so true and so good, so valuable and worthwhile, that they don’t need you to like it or accept it in order to make their day or fulfill their purpose. All they want to do is give it away to all of you—offer it up with no strings attached—in the hope that it will bless and benefit your life as it has theirs and the lives of many others.”
This short inspirational film is about the immense value of what the New Church has to offer, and how lucky we are to be able to communicate this message to each new generation here. Many thanks to Rev. Mark Pendleton and to the Charter Day planning team for planning the Charter Day events and putting together this magnificent video.

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