Swedenborg Foundation News

From Rev. Jeremy Simons, Cathedral Chaplain
September 24, 2019

As we officially begin the fall season this week, the Swedenborg Foundation just had its fall Board meeting this past weekend, held at the Desmond Hotel in Malvern. There are 16 board members, plus assorted associate board members and staff.
This week we celebrated the fact that Lisa Hyatt Cooper has just completed the translation of “Secrets of Heaven” (Arcana Caelestia). This means that all of the translation work is finished for Phase 1 of the New Century Edition, which has had the goal of translating all of the books of the Writings that Swedenborg himself published. Thirteen of these books have now been published and are available, and 17 are still in the process of editing, annotation, having the introductions written, etc. The first two volumes of Secrets of Heaven are in print, with the remaining volumes in some stage of the publication process.
We continue to be thrilled with the amazing work that the offTheLeftEye team so tirelessly produces. We now have over 82,000 subscribers to this YouTube channel. One of the videos produced two months ago, “What Happens Immediately After You Die,” has been viewed 312,000 times and is on track to be the most popular title of them all if the rate continues. A number of the videos are incorporated into this year’s Journey program, “Angels: Loving and Leading” here in Bryn Athyn.
A gathering for people interested in Swedenborg is happening in Philadelphia at the World Café Live, located near 30th Street Station, on October 27. Called “SwedenJam Live,” it will feature New Church musicians connected with offTheLeftEye and other interesting things as well.
Also in the planning phase is an exciting offTheLeftEye Convention proposed for June 2020 in Bryn Athyn, a few weeks before the General Church Retreat (or Assembly). This will be an effort to connect with some of those 82,000 subscribers over the course of several days, and could be an opportunity for many people who love the Writings to meet each other for the first time.
We reflected this weekend on how grateful we are that the Heavenly Doctrines exist in the world and that we have found them. The effect that the Lord’s Second coming is having on this world, and that it will have, is beyond anything that we can imagine. We are grateful that we can be involved in letting people know about this miraculous revelation.

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