Spring Forward

From Rev. Phil Schnarr, Assistant to the Pastor
April 2, 2019

Internet sources tell us that Daylight Saving Time was first instituted in Thunder Bay, Ontario in 1908. There have been many rationales offered for its adoption in places around the world. The most convincing appears to be the theory that it saves energy. Less lighting and heating are required (according to this contested theory) when more sunlight is with us later in the day. Less convincing is the theory that golfers wanted more time to complete their rounds before dusk.

The reminder for clocks to “spring forward” is super helpful in reminding me which way to move the hands of the clock. I love the term for its sense of optimism and encouragement to jump out of my winter doldrums.

There is a true spiritual association with springtime that can put a bounce in anyone’s step. It’s described in Conjugial Love as a time of perfect balance between spiritual heat which is love and spiritual light which is wisdom.

One time when Swedenborg got to converse with a happily married couple who had been married for centuries, the husband told him this:

With us in heaven the light [all year round] is constant, and we never experience the dusk of evening, still less darkness, because our sun does not rise and set like your sun but stands continually midway between a point overhead and the horizon, or as you would say, at an elevation of 45 degrees. “That is why,” he said, “the heat and light emanating from our sun result in perpetual spring, and this inspires a perpetual spring-like state in those in whom love is united in even measure with wisdom. (Conjugial Love 137:5)

I take this as a challenge to seek for a better balance in my life. I enjoy the outdoor fun made possible by the heat of the summer sun as well as relaxing by a cozy wood fire in the dead of winter. But regardless of the weather outside, when I feel a tempered balance or stability of emotion and thought I tend to experience the best outcomes in the uses I perform and the relationships I cherish.

The angel couple conclude their encounter with the following words:

“In heaven, one finds truly conjugial love wherever there is a spring-like warmth.…. We like to think that as warmth works its pleasure when accompanied by light and conversely light when accompanied by warmth, so love works its pleasure when accompanied by wisdom and conversely wisdom when accompanied by love.” (Ibid)

As we spring forward into this delicious season of new growth in our natural environment may the Lord bring you delight from the inner beauty that abounds all year round with those who surround you.

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