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Is Everything Beautiful?

From Rev. Phil Schnarr, Assistant to the Pastor
July 6, 2020

There is a line in an old song that begins, “Everything is beautiful.” Do you believe that? Aren’t there some things that are just objectively gross and ugly. I needn’t mention some really ugly things but consider that this summer you might be renting a cabin in a very beautiful state park. Everything may seem really beautiful. Even a gentle rain or perhaps a huge thunderstorm could captivate you and give you joy. But what if, when it is time for bed, you are about to lay down and suddenly you see a four-inch spider crawling on your pillow. Is that spider a beautiful thing to you? As much as I have grown used to spiders and can handle most, the really big ones inspire fear and dread in me and are not beautiful at all.

Well, back to the song. Let me finish the line. “Everything is beautiful, in its own way.” What is truly beautiful really depends on its context. Our state of mind, a true conscience and most importantly, our willingness to be led by the Lord will dramatically affect our perception of what is beautiful and good.

We live in very confusing times in a very confused world. Heavenly values based on the Word and even plain social virtues seem to be in short supply. What we might hold to be beautiful in the Lord’s eyes may be disparaged by the world and vice versa. Powerful and alluring evils flood the media and seek to block out channels for the Lord’s goodness and truth to reach people where they are.

But take heart. A calm and rational mindset finds a way to rid our pillows from spiders. Fear and panic are counterproductive. The Lord assures us that He sends His sunshine and rain on the just and the unjust. “The truth is that the life of everyone flows in solely from the Lord, who is life itself” (Arcana Coelestia 2887).  Our challenge is to persevere in the belief that this entire beautiful universe is designed by an incredibly beautiful Person who not only created it but continues to guide and care for it in unseen ways. And He gifts us with spiritual tools to experience heavenly freedom and the peace it brings.

So begin this day and every day by rejoicing that the Lord has made today and pray for how you can bring more love and beauty into a hurting world that is in dire need of it.

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