Forever Love

From Rev. Solomon Keal, School Pastor
February 12, 2019

Romantic songs often talk about a kind of love that can last forever, or a love that will never die. Sometimes in the struggles that we face in relationships and marriage, we can wonder if that kind of love is really possible.
Part of what people love so much about the New Church concept of marriage is that the Writings say it really can last forever, even in heaven.
“People who are in a state of true married love look to eternity in their marriage because eternity is inherent in this love…. When married partners love each other tenderly, they think of eternity in regard to the marriage covenant, and not at all of its being terminated by death. Or if they do think about this, they grieve, until strengthened again with hope by the thought of its continuing in the life to come.” (Conjugial Love 216)
But sometimes the thought of something lasting forever can seem impossible, or even boring or undesirable. The book Conjugial Love begins with a kind of parable about eternal heavenly happiness (see Conjugial Love 1-10). Contrary to what we might imagine, eternal love doesn’t come from just finding someone, or just getting married. It doesn’t come from romantic feelings, or always doing fun things. And it doesn’t come from always getting what we want. The moral of that story is that eternal happiness (and therefore eternal love) is about being useful. Finding a love that lasts forever is not about the good luck of finding the right person. It’s about choosing to be kind and useful to our partner, and to the people around us. In that daily choice there is the potential for eternal love and eternal joy.
“The states produced by this love are innocence, peace, tranquility, inmost friendship, complete trust, a mutual desire of the mind and heart to do the other every good; also, as a result of all these, bliss, felicity, delight, pleasure, and, owing to an eternal enjoyment of states like this, the happiness of heaven.” (Conjugial Love 180)
Happy Valentine’s Day!

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