“Be still and know that I am God.” (Psalm 46:10)

From Rev. Eric Carswell, Head Pastor
January 23, 2019

Imagine you had something important to tell a good friend. As you talk with him about it, he isn’t paying much attention to what you are saying. He is caught up in so many personal issues on his mind that the inner conversation in his head drowns out your words.
If your concern was important enough, you might finally directly ask him, “Could you please listen to me?” You could acknowledge that the issues on his mind have significance, but ask him to try to set them aside for a short time. Only then could he really hear what you have to say.
When the Lord told the parable of the houses built on the sand and on the rock we might easily accept that; of course, building on the sand was a foolish idea. When you consider that sand is composed of tiny particles of rock a different picture emerges. Each of us know a multitude of true and important ideas about what our responsibility is, how to treat others, and how important following what the Lord teaches is. To the extent that we are relying on our own ability to remember all these things and keep them prioritized in our mind we can be like the person building a house on the sand. Over and over again we’ll recognize that we misread something or neglected to think of a factor that should have been considered. Sometimes the effect of our flawed thinking can be huge on our key roles and relationships.
The fundamental and hopefully familiar statement that describes a person who builds on the rock is:

Peace holds within itself trust in the Lord, the trust that He governs all things and provides all things, and that He leads towards an end that is good.” Arcana Caelestia 8455:1


…those who have a perception of the Lord’s presence also have a perception that every single thing that happens to them is conducive to their own welfare and that no evil influences can reach them. This is what gives them the peace they enjoy. Without such faith or trust in the Lord no one can ever attain that peace.
Arcana Caelestia 5963

What the Lord wants for us is the confidence that we don’t have to be perfect, that we will sometimes overlook important things, but that if we’re trying to be led by Him, that is all He expects of us. This can help still the confusing multitude of thoughts in our minds and actually help us better focus on what is important.

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