Angels Teaching and Leading to Heaven

From Rev. Solomon Keal, Bryn Athyn Church School Pastor
February 4, 2020

Last weekend I officiated the memorial service of my grandfather Jack Rose. In thinking about his love for teaching people about the New Church, I was reminded of this passage: “Angels really do love everyone. They want nothing more than to help people, to teach them, to lead them into heaven. This is their highest joy.” (Heaven and Hell 450) And here’s a similar passage:

“Angelic life consists in usefulness and acts of neighborly kindness. Nothing makes angels happier than giving information to spirits newly arrived from the world and teaching them; serving people on earth, making sure that the evil spirits present with them do not go too far, and inspiring them with good; and reviving the dead as they enter eternal life, eventually taking them to heaven, if the condition of their souls allows it. Angels find more happiness in these activities than could ever be described. In performing them they become images of the Lord. In performing them they love their neighbor more than themselves. This makes heaven.” (Secrets of Heaven 454)

It’s wonderful to think of these angels embodying the Lord’s love for everyone, and His wish for everyone to find their way to heaven. But I also like to think of these descriptions of angels as setting a good example for the lives we lead, even here on earth. Not everyone will find themselves in a professional teaching or leadership position. But I think in many ways, we are all called to be like these angels. When we share our understanding of the Lord’s Word and the truth about our experience of human life with other people – especially in a non-judgmental way – then we are being like these angels. When we engage in acts of kindness and service for other people, with the intent to bring them help and happiness, then we are – for all intents and purposes – leading them to Heaven. The joy that angels experience is a joy that we can experience as well. It’s a joy that we are designed to experience. And it can be found in the little things we say and do in our daily lives here on earth.

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