A Hallmark of Angelic Intelligence

From Rev. Eric Carswell, Head Pastor
April 30, 2019

In the book Heaven and Hell the Lord makes what might seem like a surprising assertion about what constitutes the chief point of angelic intelligence (Heaven and Hell 59). This hallmark of intelligence is that all of the angels and of the communities of angels that make up heaven, when seen as a functional whole, form a single greatest human being. Angels know this is the case, and know the particulars and details about how and why this is so.
Why would this be a hallmark of angelic intelligence? Think about what it means to be wise. Wisdom isn’t so much a matter of having a huge mass of knowledge or penetrating insight in a single area of human life or thought. Wisdom is a matter of seeing with something of the perspective with which the Lord sees. Wisdom comes from recognizing and living according to what is truly useful. It comes from seeing the big picture. It comes from recognizing how variety gathered and ordered makes a more perfect whole.
Consider how the many different parts of our natural bodies serve us. Each living cell is like a community unto itself. It has its own respiration, own digestion, own transportation and communication system, an ability to harness nutrition to accomplish a goal, and its own “brain” in the nucleus. There is tremendous variety in the form and function of these cells. Yet it is in their unified efforts that we, as human beings, can think, speak, and act. While there are some parts of the body that can be called more essential than others, how many of them would be called completely unnecessary? Also, we know that parts of our body can be in something of conflict with each other. If you run to rescue a toddler on a full stomach, your body might let you know that this exercise is hard at the same time as digestion. Does this mean rescuing the toddler was wrong? Unlikely. Similarly, we can face elements of conflict that do not necessarily mean one person is right and the other wrong. They may just be focusing on different priorities both of which look to what is good, true and useful.
Like a cell or even a part of a cell, the angels know that it isn’t their job to do all that could be done. They know that with their cooperation they have been prepared by the Lord to do a particular task or serve a particular goal better than any other angel ever has or ever could. They can rejoice in their own place and role. They know that by fulfilling their own role, as best they can, they make the greatest contribution to the welfare of the whole.
Angels also know that as each community grows by receiving new angels and is better able to accomplish its own area of use, the whole of heaven is perfected.
An important part of our lives in this world is preparing to be angels in heaven someday. May we value as well the ideas and life from those ideas that are a hallmark of angelic intelligence.

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