A Beautiful Easter

From Rev. Jeremy Simons, Cathedral Chaplain
April 17, 2017

Easter could not come at a better time than mid-April. We had beautiful weather. The spring flowers are at their height, and leaves are coming out on the trees. I usually think of springtime as being integral to the Easter story, and yet it is barely mentioned in the Gospels. For examples, see Mark 11.13, Matthew 24.32,33, True Christian Religion 774.

What is mentioned repeatedly, however, is the dawn, for the Lord is “the Bright and Morning Star” (Revelation 22.16) and “the Dayspring from on high” (Luke 1.78). “He is like the light of morning, a morning without clouds.” (2 Samuel 23.3) So the key Easter scenes happen at daybreak.

Therefore, it is important to note especially the idea of morning as the beginning of new life. The symbolism of Easter has its root especially in the new life made possible by the Lord as He rose on Easter morning. This is why Eric Carswell read this passage at the Cathedral Family Easter Service last Sunday:

Seeing that morning in the proper sense means the Lord, His coming, and so the approach of His kingdom, what else is meant by morning becomes clear, namely the rise of a new Church, for that Church is the Lord’s kingdom on earth. That kingdom is meant both in a general and in a particular sense. Consequently, the Lord’s resurrection on the third morning embodies in the particular and the specific senses the truth that He rises daily, indeed every single moment, in the minds of regenerate persons.Arcana Caelestia 2405

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