Our Staff

Most of these staff roles are part-time. You can email any staff member by using this email format: “first name.last name” @brynathynchurch.org. For example, Liza Hyatt’s email address is liza.hyatt@brynathynchurch.org.

Pastor’s Office Staff

Eric Carswell photo photo of Erik Buss Rev. Phil Schnarr Jeremy Simons
Eric Carswell
Head Pastor
Rev. Erik Buss
Assistant Head Pastor
Rev. Phil Schnarr
School Pastor
 Rev. Solomon Keal
Informal Worship Pastor
Rev. Jeremy Simons
Cathedral Chaplain
Photo of John Odhner Photo of Lori Odhner nina pic Photo of LynnEllen King
 Rev. John Odhner
Assistant to the Pastor
Lori Odhner
Marriage Programs
Liza Hyatt
Nina Dewees
Volunteer Coordinator
LynnEllen King
Administrative Assistant
bronwen stewartA Sue Adams Photo NinaF MERGEN, DIANA
Bronwen Henry
Small Group Coordinator
Stewart Asplundh
Sue Adams
Assistant to Treasurer
Nina Finkeldey
Bryn Athyn Thrift Shop
Diana Mergen
Development Coordinator


Staff of the Bryn Athyn Cathedral are listed here.

Staff of the Bryn Athyn Church School are listed here.