Opportunities to Get Involved

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Study Groups
Small Group Coordinator: Bronwen Henry (Bronwen.henry@brynathynchurch.org, 215-947-6225 x271)

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New Church Overview
Saturday morning brief presentations on basic New Church doctrines, monthly during the school year. Contact: Nina Dewees (nina.dewees@brynathynchurch.org)
Spiritual Journey Groups
Annual seven-week spiritual study program each fall which involves a worship series and small groups. Contact: Bronwen Henry (bronwen.henry@brynathynchurch.org, 215-947-6225 x271)
Men’s Doctrinal Discussion Group
Men gathering to read and discuss the teachings of Swedenborg as Divine Revelation. Contact: Phil Schnarr (phil.schnarr@brynathynchurch.org, 215-947-6225 x226)
Wednesday Morning Class
Cairnwood Village (retirement home), 2nd and 4th Wednesdays, 10:00-10:45 a.m. Aimed at retirees but open to all. Contact: Jeremy Simons (jeremy.simons@brynathynchurch.org)
Spiritual and Life Bible Study
Cairncrest. Wednesday 7:30-8:30 p.m. Informal exploration of a biblical topic or theme. Bring a Bible. Contact Chara Daum (ccdaum@msn.com, 267-502-4993)
Small Spiritual Study Groups
Small groups that meet in homes. Contact: Bronwen Henry (bronwen.henry@brynathynchurch.org, 215-947-6225 x271)

Support and Service Opportunities
To learn how to serve or be served, contact Nina Dewees (nina.dewees@brynathynchurch.org, 215-947-6225 x206)


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Pastoral Support
If you would like support from a minister, call 215-947-6225 to contact one of the following:

  • Rev. Eric Carswell (Pastor), x208
  • Rev. Erik Buss (Assistant Pastor), x207
  • Rev. Solomon Keal, x209
  • Rev. John Odhner, x203
  • Rev. Philip Schnarr, x226
  • Rev. Jeremy Simons (Cathedral Chaplain), 215-947-0266 x4612

Marriage Support
Contact: Lori Odhner (lori@caringformarriage.org, 215-840-9249)

Stephen Ministry
One-on-one Christian care for those going through difficult times.
Contact: Nina Dewees (nina.dewees@brynathynchurch.org)

Widow and Widowers
Bryn Athyn Cathedral. First Friday of every month. For anyone who has lost a loved one.
Contact: Sig Soneson (sigfried@verizon.net, 215-947-2721)

Pay It Forward Crew
Practical short-term help for those going through challenging times, provided by a network of community volunteers. Contact: Nina Dewees (nina.dewees@brynathynchurch.org)

12-Step Groups
Several different 12-Step groups meet regularly in Bryn Athyn. Check the internet or ask your fellowship for locations and times.

Visiting Friends
Network of volunteers who visit those who are housebound. Contact: Nina Dewees (nina.dewees@brynathynchurch.org)

Bryn Athyn Church School Volunteer
Prepare projects and displays, work with students in classroom (read or play math games), and other opportunities. Contact: Mary Beth DeGeorge (marybeth.degeorge@bacs-gc.org, 215-947-4086 x251)

Helping Children in Crisis
The General Church Helping Children in Crisis (HCIC) committee exists to facilitate the care of children in crisis by creating an organization to connect those in need with the resources and people that can help. Contact: Kay Alden (kay.alden@verizon.net, 215-947-5269)

Loving Arms Mission
The purpose of the Loving Arms Mission is to provide exceptional care to orphaned, abandoned, and at-risk children on all levels of their being-physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Contact: Valerie Rogers (www.lamchildren.org, nedandval@verizon.net, 215-672-3679)

Worship Services
Bryn Athyn Church offers a variety of services. Find the one that best fits you and your family

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Worship Music
Sing in the Cathedral Choir or contribute music to any of our worship services.
Contact: Graham Bier (graham.bier@bacathedral.org, 215-947-0266 x4605)
Cathedral Family Service 9:30 a.m./
Cathedral Adult Service 11:00 a.m.
Come and worship the Lord in a beautiful and inspiring setting. Location: Cathedral Nave
Pastor: Eric Carswell (eric.carswell@brynathynchurch.org)
Assistant Pastor: Erik Buss (erik.buss@brynathynchurch.org)
Cathedral Chaplain: Jeremy Simons (jeremy.simons@brynathynchurch.org)
Get involved in supporting these worship services
Bring refreshments for fellowship time, arrange flowers for the altar, be an usher, greeter or sound operator. Contact: Julia Schmucker (admin@bacathedral.org, 215-947-0266 x4602)
Young Children’s Service 9:45 a.m.
Visual aids and child-centered activities illustrate stories from the Word. Chapel in the Cathedral Council Chamber. Pastor: Philip Schnarr (philip.schnarr@brynathynchurch.org)
Get involved in supporting this worship service
Set up, usher, tidy up, create, and help children do simple projects. Contact: Dianna Synnestvedt (desynnestvedt@gmail.com, 215-947-1687)
Informal Service 9:30 a.m.
An engaging, visual, interactive, affectional service for all ages. Location: Heilman Hall, 600 Tomlinson Road, Bryn Athyn. Pastor: Rev. Solomon Keal (solomon.keal@brynathynchurch.org)
Get involved in supporting this worship service
Help with altar set-up, sound, or video recording, or participate in Bible story re-enactment. Contact: Lynnellen King (lynnellen.king@brynathynchurch.org, 215-947-6224 x204)

Bryn Athyn Community
Get more acquainted with the community as you attend, participate, or volunteer

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New Church Schools
Bryn Athyn Church School (Preschool – Grade 8) www.brynathynchurchschool.org
ANC Secondary Schools (Grades 9-12) www.ancss.org
Bryn Athyn College www.brynathyn.edu

Swedenborg Library
Call for information (267-502-2524).

Pavilion (Ice Rink)
Contact: Jared Junge (267-502-2660)

Bryn Athyn Swim Club
Contact Sarah Waelchli (sarah.waelchli@brynathynswimclub.org)

Bryn Athyn Boy Scouts of America
Contact: Hayley Gunther (hsgscouts@gmail.com, 215-938-7423)

Bryn Athyn Fire Company
Volunteer for fire and ambulance squads. Contact: Scott Cooper (rscottcooper@comcast.net)

Bryn Athyn Community Theater
or www.bact.org

Bryn Athyn Community Orchestra
Contact: Sarah Odhner (brynathynorchestra@gmail.com, 215-938-1859)

Mitchell Performing Arts Center
For event listings www.mitchellcenter.info

Glencairn Museum
For event listings www.glencairnmuseum.org

Cairnwood Estate
Public tours and events (215-947-2004)

Bryn Athyn Bounty Farmers Market
Saturdays 9-12, May to October. BrynAthynBounty@gmail.com /https://www.facebook.com/BrynAthynBounty/

Bryn Athyn Thrift Shop
Donations welcome. Contact: Nina (nglebef@gmail.com, 215-947-7646)