Slate of Nominees for 2018-19 Bryn Athyn Church Board

The document below has been recently emailed to the members of Bryn Athyn Church (and mailed to members without email addresses).


Listed below are the current Trustees:

Terms Expire 2018             Terms Expire 2019                  Terms Expire 2020
Hayley Gunther                        Sean Connelly                                  Dave Deibert
Elizabeth Rogers                      David Fuller                                     Angus Glenn
Reed Asplundh                         Rachel Glenn                                   Scott Nash
Braden Bostock                        Rob Andrews                                   Reuben Mergen

Nominating Committee: David Fuller (chair), Scott Nash (co-chair), Aline Brown, Nina Kline, Greg Synnestvedt, Lynne Pitcairn and Bradley Cranch.

The Nominating Committee places in nomination the members of the Bryn Athyn Church whose names are listed below (their biographical information appears on the reverse side of this sheet). As mentioned in the Semi-Annual Meeting in September of 2017, the Nominating Committee is presenting only the number of nominees to fill the open slots. Additional nominations can be made by any member of the society by submitting a name to the Nominating Committee in writing, and endorsed by five members, by Friday, March 30, 2018.

NOMINEES for the BAC Board: (*Indicates incumbent.) (FOUR to be elected.)
Elizabeth Rogers*
Hayley Gunther*
Braden Bostock*
Christina Irwin

Members may request an absentee ballot to vote for Trustees, in person, at the Pastor’s Office. Completed absentee ballots must be returned to the Pastors Office by noon on Wednesday, April 25, 2018, along with a proxy authorizing the Secretary to cast the ballot.

Adopted by the Board of Trustees in 1949

The law under which the corporation was formed provides that its business shall be managed by the Board of Trustees. The duties and responsibilities of the Board of Trustees include:

a. Operation and maintenance of the corporation’s properties.
b. Investment and administration of trust funds and other funds of the corporation and control of its financial affairs.
c. Making contracts; employment of teachers and other employees.
d. Fixing the compensation of officers, ministers, teachers, and other employees.
e. Prescribing tuition fees and school fees.
f. Direction of other matters within the compass of the civil affairs of the Bryn Athyn Church of the New Jerusalem.

The paramount responsibility of a member of the Board of Trustees is to perform the duties of his/her office with fidelity to the purpose for which the Bryn Athyn Church of the New Jerusalem was incorporated. This purpose is the support of public worship of the Lord Jesus Christ according to the faith, doctrine, government, discipline, and usages of the unincorporated body known as the General Church of the New Jerusalem, which holds to the doctrines contained in the theological Writings of Emanuel Swedenborg.


ELIZABETH (HOLLISTER) ROGERS is a 2004 graduate of Bryn Athyn College (B.A. History, cum laude) and a 2008 graduate of the Dickinson School of Law (J.D.). She is currently completing postgraduate coursework in healthcare ethics (bioethics). She has spent most of her career working in product and regulatory filings for life and health insurers. She currently works for a national health insurer where her responsibilities primarily include analyzing state laws and regulations, drafting contract language, submitting product filings, and negotiating the approval of health insurance forms. She also works as an adjunct faculty member at Bryn Athyn College and enjoys teaching (and learning from) her students. While she does not find herself with much free time these days, when she does, she enjoys playing the piano and spending time with her family. She maintains an active law license in Pennsylvania and currently resides in Huntingdon Valley with her husband (Chad) and son (Ezekiel). She is running for her second term.

HAYLEY GUNTHER is finishing her second term on the board. During her time on the board she has chaired the Facilities Committee, worked on a comprehensive review of the by-laws, and has served at different times on the Strategic Planning Committee. She is currently the Chairman of the Contributions Committee. She is still involved with the Cub Scouts and the Boy Scouts here in Bryn Athyn, and has also been the day camp director for the Cub Scouts from our surrounding townships. She is currently the Educational Technologist for the Academy Secondary Schools. She has been married to Brian Gunther for the past 30 years, and they have three young adults who all live and work in the surrounding area. She is running for her third term.

CHRISTINA IRWIN married Jeremy Irwin in November, 1998 and moved from Detroit to Bryn Athyn in the summer of 1999. In March 2000, she was baptized by Prescott Rogers along with her infant daughter Caitlin. In 2006, her family moved to Toronto and lived there for three years where she served on the Pastor’s Council and Theta Alpha Guild for the Olivet New Church Society. Also in Toronto, she volunteered as a doula and birth instructor for The June Callwood Center for Young Women, The Vita Centre and Red Door Family Shelter. Upon her family’s return to Bryn Athyn in 2009, she joined Theta Alpha International and served as Vice President for a term. Although the responsibilities to her family and job have increased, she still enjoys volunteering at Bryn Athyn Church School and the Academy Secondary Schools. She has worked for the past four and a half years in the HR Department overseeing Payroll and Benefits for the General Church, and obtained her HR certification in March. It is her hope to give back to Bryn Athyn Church, which has helped support and educate her children, through a commitment to the Bryn Athyn Church Board.

BRADEN BOSTOCK retired after 40 years in sales and sales management in the medical business. He was born in Bryn Athyn and attended BACS, ANC Secondary Schools, as well as one year of college at Bryn Athyn College before graduating from West Chester University with a degree in Business. He is married to his wife, Jane, and has lived in the Bryn Athyn Borough for the last 24 years. Past experiences have included recruiting, training and managing salespeople as well as budgeting and forecasting. He brings with him a broad experience in both running and participating in organized meetings. While his children were in school at ANC, he and his wife served on the Principals’ Council. He was head of the volunteer committee to set up for the Thanksgiving Day service at the Asplundh Field House. As a current board member, he is on the Cathedral and Cemetery committee, and was chair of the Nominating Committee last year. He currently serves regularly as a Head Usher in the Bryn Athyn Cathedral. He is also a regular volunteer for BATS and the Pay It Forward Crew. He has recently volunteered with the Red Cross to organize a blood drive in our community this coming May. He is running for his second term.