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Cathedral Doctrinal Class series – Rev. Jeremy F. Simons
4:00 pm Wednesdays – September 14, 21 and 28

Traditionally the General Church never suggests to anyone how to vote or what political party to belong to. This does not mean, however, that New Church teachings are silent on political issues. Our first Cathedral Doctrinal Class series of the season is about things taught in the Writings that might be seen as having a bearing on current political questions. All are welcome!

Here are the topics for the three classes:
September 14 – The separation of church and state: Do the Writings teach this concept? Is there a New Church version of Sharia Law?
September 21 – Do the Writings support the idea of a woman president of the United States? I believe that they do. The explanation includes some fascinating stories.
September 28 – Is the New Church liberal or conservative? There are devout and well respected members on both sides, and passages from the Writings that can be seen to support a wide variety of political viewpoints.