Pastor’s Council Notes

Members of Pastor’s Council

Jane Blair, David Butler, Sheila Daum, Monica Hyatt, Jill King, Dain Kistner, Nina Phillips, Ivy Synnestvedt, Rev. Erik Buss

The November meeting of the Pastor’s Council provided an opportunity for a number of issues to be raised. There was disappointment expressed that aspects of the strategic planning survey struck people as problematic and didn’t at times provide an easy opportunity for people to convey their views. There was both positive and negative comments about the latest Journey program. Even though we have been doing the full Holy Supper in November and June the same way for more than a dozen years, it seemed unfamiliar to some this last time. While many people have enjoyed the choir music during the Cathedral services, others are distracted by elements that seem too much like “performance.” One person observed “Ideally the musicians are not seen – just heard.” For such a person, having the choir in the balcony is preferably. Because of the number of people currently in the Cathedral Choir, they no longer fit in the balcony and consequently have to be in the choir stalls at the front of the nave.                      ~ Rev. Eric Carswell