Nominee for Next Executive Bishop

Rt. Rev. Peter Buss, Jr.

This past week the international Council of the Clergy for the General Church of the New Jerusalem (GCNJ) met. We heard a number of inspiring presentations and had many opportunities to hear informally about each other’s lives and work. The major focus of the meetings, as I have been communicating to you, was to nominate Bishop Keith’s successor. We had broad and deep conversations about all six candidates and continued focus on a reduced number of them. Beyond the time already allocated on the schedule for this process, the Council allocated an additional three hours. In the end, the nominee recognized was our current Assistant to the Bishop, Rt. Rev. Peter Buss, Jr. Following his nomination, the GCNJ Board considered it and unanimously affirmed it. Over the coming months all members of the GCNJ will have an opportunity to respond to this nomination with information about Peter and how to respond being sent to each member of the GCNJ.

Eric Carswell, Pastor