The Cathedral grounds and Pastors Office are now open. Masks are encouraged. Please practice social distancing and avoid gathering in groups.

New Church Day Pageant in the Cathedral

With a high probability of bad weather evident early Saturday, we recognized that an outdoor pageant was unlikely this year. With strong encouragement from some key people to have something that worked for families and also the support of the director Ann Buss, choreographer Jessica Bostock, and Erik Buss we decided to have an indoor pageant. I’m very grateful for the flexibility and grace that the leadership and all the other volunteers exhibited in being willing to move inside at relatively the last minute with the resulting changed schedules and extra work. For those who attended it was well worth it. Tremendous thanks for all the Cathedral staff did to support our celebration of June 19th. Thanks also to Andrea Cranch and Brooke Brown for heading up the New Church Day gifts for the children, and to LynnEllen King and Liza Hyatt for ensuring there was ice cream cups available as has happened so many years before.

Eric Carswell, Pastor