The Cathedral grounds and Pastors Office are now open. Masks are encouraged. Please practice social distancing and avoid gathering in groups.

New Church Day Celebration Thanks

For a period of time, we were thinking that a New Church Day Pageant would be impossible this year given Covid-19 concerns. But instead we were provided a very successful drive-by pageant last Thursday. I give Annina King, Alison Cole, Nicole Frazier and Rachel Martin high praise for the creative way they solved the problems of safely celebrating the birth of the New Church. I see the results of their efforts being a powerful illustration of the adage “Where there is a will, there is a way.” I am grateful that their “will” found this successful way. Thanks to all who served in these pageant scenes. Many people young and old were moved by seeing the beloved images of the Book of Revelation brought to life so successfully.

I’m also grateful for the work and organization led by Brooke Brown and Andrea Cranch that went into arranging the New Church Day gifts to be safely picked up. There are many symbols in the life of this congregation of what is important to us. Providing gifts for infants through 8th graders to mark the birthday of the New Church is one of these important symbols.

And finally, thanks to LynnEllen King and helpers who provided car window ice cream delivery. This year LynnEllen picked up the ice cream at Tanners and individually scooped out the servings.

~ Rev. Eric Carswell