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Introducing “Daily Bread”

Many of us know how important it is to spend time on a regular basis focusing on our spiritual lives and reading Scripture. Yet, committing actual time is difficult. General Church Outreach has published a new book entitled <em>Daily Bread: 365 Readings &amp; Inspirations for Living Well</em> written and compiled by Rev. Derek Elphick, senior pastor at Oak Arbor Church in Oak Arbor, MI.

For each day of the calendar year, this book offers a brief reading from Scripture accompanied by a commentary of how to bring these Biblical verses into our lives. <em>Daily Bread</em> addresses a wide variety of topics such as doubt, happiness, excuses, Heaven, and trusting God.

As Derek writes, “My prayer is that you will find something to help you experience the daily care, comfort, hope and insight that the Lord provides in His Word. Whether you are in between errands, on a lunch break, waiting at a doctor’s office, finishing your day or having a morning quiet time, I warmly invite you to engage the ideas here with an openness for how the Lord will lead you today.” The book is available for sale at <a href=””></a> for $19.99. If you are interested in exploring this book with a small group, contact small group coordinator, Bronwen Henry (215-530-2036, <a href=””></a>).