The Cathedral grounds and Pastors Office are now open. Masks are encouraged. Please practice social distancing and avoid gathering in groups.

Interim Cathedral Directors

Goodbye and thank you to Jim Adams –

Welcome to Stephen Morley. 

With the Cathedral Services on Sunday, December 29, 2013, Jim Adams finishes his six-month term as Interim Director of the Cathedral. I am deeply grateful for the warm presence he has had and effective work he has done. With the limited hours he had to spend on this role he did a great job of supporting the staff, providing direction for all that supports the regular services and activities at the Cathedral, and also moving a number of significant projects forward. Jim has agreed to continue providing some project support as a member of the Bryn Athyn Church Board Cathedral Oversight Committee.

                I look forward to continuing to work with Stephen Morley as he steps into the Interim Cathedral Director position. He has already been doing some work with the Cathedral educational program the first half of this fiscal year and now will have significantly more hours to give to the overall direction of the Cathedral. The experience that he gained as the Glencairn Museum Director and as a part of the Historic District will be valuable as he helps to support the essential uses of the Cathedral for the Bryn Athyn congregation and also its welcoming and educational role for the many visitors who come to see its beauty and learn about the ideas and beliefs behind that beauty. Eric Carswell, Pastor