The Cathedral grounds and Pastors Office are now open. Masks are encouraged. Please practice social distancing and avoid gathering in groups.

Informal Service “Service Day” Thank You

The Informal Family Service on August 13 was a “Service Service.” We gathered to worship the Lord through performing uses. We opened our worship with a prayer and some readings: “Serving the Lord means performing useful deeds because true worship consists in acting usefully and therefore in exercising neighborly love. Anyone who believes that serving the Lord consists only in going to church, listening to sermons there, and praying, and who considers this enough, is badly mistaken. Worship of the Lord actually consists in useful behavior.” (Secrets of Heaven 7038.1) “It is lawful to do good on the Sabbath.” (Matthew 12:1-12) “Worshiping by living a useful life accords with the arrangement ordained for heaven.” (Secrets of Heaven 7884)

Next we spread out to do a variety of tasks to support our worship community, such as cleaning chairs, organizing supply cabinets, sorting and sharpening pencils, organizing sheet music and books, sorting candles, alphabetizing name tags, organizing costumes and props, cleaning the rug and fixing snacks. It was fun to work together, be part of a team and contribute to the worship community. After half an hour, we were enjoying the work so much we extended the time, and then we got together again to close the service with a song, prayer, and a discussion while kids had snacks. Many felt we should do this again soon, with twice as much time for serving.

                                                                                                                               ~ Rev. John Odhner