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More Christmas Season Gratitude

I’m grateful for the crew of volunteers who so beautifully decorated the Cathedral chancel for Christmas Eve and Christmas Day. One of the people who regularly watches from across the country online wrote: “I can’t remember when the Cathedral was more decorated than during this year…. beyond words lovely.”

A group of musicians were there to play solos and provide a bell choir that took their Christmas Eve time from early afternoon with rehearsals through the end of the 7:00 pm service. Helping to take good care of these musicians, Dr. Robin Bier provided them with a home-cooked light meal between the last two services.

Thanks to the Rev. Jeffrey Smith and musicians, Neil Simonetti and chimes players for doing the Christmas Eve Midnight service.

The Christmas Day service also had its special music and the skills of our principal organist, Terry Schnarr, who then zipped off to catch a flight out to the west coast that afternoon to have a Christmas celebration with family there.

Thanks for all that so many people contributed to our celebrations of Christmas.

~ Rev. Eric Carswell