Cathedral Doctrinal Classes

Wednesdays (April 4, 11, and 18, 2018) at 4:00 pm

Just over 100 years ago, Bishop W. F. Pendleton published his wonderful book The Science of Exposition as Drawn from the Writings of the New Church (1915). He gathered the principles set forth in this book when he was teaching in the Academy Theological School. At present, I am the one who is teaching theologs how to open the spiritual meaning of the Word. Lay people are often intimidated at the idea of looking for the spiritual meaning of the Word. I would like to help you feel more comfortable and confident that you can benefit from some simple principles, as I have re-framed them. In these three classes, we’ll look at a basic approach to the spiritual meaning of the Word, and we’ll read and respond to some stories from Scripture. All are welcome.

~ Rev. Grant Odhner