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Carillon Bells Field Visit

Fred Haas has generously offered to donate carillon bells and the installation for the Bryn Athyn Cathedral. As part of our due diligence we convened a group to visit two sites very recently.

First, we visited St. Thomas Church in Whitemarsh which is an entirely manually operated carillon and was played by Lisa Lonie for us (visit for a live demonstration and explanation by Lisa). The carillon bells are regularly used during church services as well as for summer picnic/concerts.

Next, we travelled to Longwood Gardens and had a demonstration of a system that can be manually played as well as programmed with a computerized playlist. The bells are located near the fountains.

Our group was made up of Terry Schnarr, Meg Rohtla, Graham Bier, Rev. Eric Carswell, Fred Haas, Dave Deibert and myself. We were all impressed with these demonstrations and the possibility of having our own bells in one of the Cathedral Towers.

The next step is for an engineering study to determine the feasibility of this project the cost of which will be paid for as part of the donation.

Please feel free to direct any questions or comments to us.

Respectively submitted,

Braden Bostock, Bryn Athyn Church Board Member