The Cathedral grounds and Pastors Office are now open. Masks are encouraged. Please practice social distancing and avoid gathering in groups.

Bryn Athyn Church Semi-Annual Society Banquet and MeetingApril 30, 2014

The Bryn Athyn Church Society banquet (6:15pm in small gym) and meeting (7:30pm in Heilman Hall) will be held on April 30, 2014.  Voting for four Bryn Athyn Church Board of Trustees will take place at this meeting.  There will be an update on the Bryn Athyn Society and reports on the Bryn Athyn Church School.
The nominating committee for the Bryn Athyn Church Board for 2014 felt strongly about maintaining a healthy balance of men and women on the board. Brian Henderson and Nick Rose are concluding their service to the Board this year.  A strong balance of skills and backgrounds that represent a variety of ages, talents and interests is also important.  Below are biographies for the nominees.

 CAIRA BONGERS – Caira has been engaged in New Church education since she entered Kindergarten.  After graduating from the ANC Girls School in ’96 and Bryn Athyn College in ’00, she began teaching mathematics at ANC while pursuing her Master’s degree from Drexel University in Applied Mathematics.  After teaching at ANC for six years, she moved across the road to BAC, where she has been teaching part-time for six years.  Caira and Garth have three children: Deidre (9), Ethan (8), and Verity (6).  Caira is now pursuing a second Master’s degree from the MARS program, and enjoys the structured doctrinal study available through that program. She is currently filling a term vacated this past December by Naomi Haus-Roth.  (Caira is running for her first full term on the board.)

DAVID BUTLER – My name is David Butler, and it would be an honor to serve on the Bryn Athyn Church Board.  I grew up in Abington, Pennsylvania. I became involved with Bryn Athyn and the New Church through my wife Kelleen Schauder Butler.  During college, I worked as a waiter at Bonefish Grill where Kelleen and I met.  Soon after Kelleen and I started dating, we attended services together in Bryn Athyn, joined Journey groups and worked to serve the community. I joined the New Church and Bryn Athyn Society before Kelleen and I were married.  It was evident that I had found a faith that fit with my personal beliefs and the beliefs my family has always held dear.  After joining the Church and graduating from Temple, I took a position in the Finance Office of the Academy.  Though I am no longer working at the Academy, I continue to fulfill my use as the treasurer of the College Alumni Association and the New Church Day Fair. (David is running for his first term on the board.)

DAVID DEIBERT – David Deibert was raised in Huntingdon Valley and attended the Lower Moreland schools. He graduated magna cum laude from Temple University in 1980 with a degree in electrical engineering. He received multiple honors for his work and has been president of WL Deibert Co, Inc, since 1984. He and Nancy have been married for 32 years and they have two children, Scott, (23) and Jade (11). He was an elected member of the Lower Moreland School Board from 1982-2007 and has served as treasurer for the Lower Moreland School District. (David is running for his first term on the board.)

BURTON FRIESEN – Burt Friesen has served two full terms on the board and is running for a third. He has lived in Bryn Athyn for 45 years and all of his children attended the Bryn Athyn Church schools and the Academy. He has served on several search committees and was principal of the Academy Boys School for seven years.  (Burt is an incumbent.)

ELIZABETH ROGERS – Elizabeth Rogers is an alumnus of Bryn Athyn College. She received her B.A. in History, cum laude, from Bryn Athyn College where she was a recipient of the Theta Alpha Award. During college and immediately following she interned at Glencairn Museum where she had the opportunity to focus much of her research on the early New Church society in Bryn Athyn. Elizabeth went on to receive her J.D. from Pennsylvania State University, The Dickinson School of Law. She maintains an active law license in Pennsylvania and currently works as a Compliance Analyst for a Pennsylvania-based insurance company. Elizabeth has a personal interest in the intersection of law and education. In her free time, she enjoys singing with the Cathedral Choir, playing the piano, and walking her dog. She currently lives in Huntingdon Valley with her husband Chad. (Elizabeth is running for her first term on the board.)

DALE SMITH – Dale Smith grew up in a few different New Church societies, including Oak Arbor, Kempton, and Bryn Athyn. I have attended New Church schools all my life and graduated from Bryn Athyn College with an Interdisciplinary Degree in Business and Political Science in 2010. I married Tovah King in August 2013. We currently reside in Childs Hall where I serve as the assistant manager. I enjoyed serving on the Bryn Athyn College pastoral election committee last year (2013), and would love to continue to participate in the Bryn Athyn Church society by serving as a member of the board. (Dale is running for his first term on the board.)