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Arcana Class at Cairnwood Village

4:00 pm Thursdays
All are welcome.

Starting September 1, I will be leading a weekly class on the Arcana Caelestia at Cairnwood Village at 4:00 pm. Picking up from last year’s class, ably led by Rev. Walter Orthwein, the class will continue in Volume 9 and complete Volume 10 by the last class in May. For the first class, I will do some review of the internal sense of Exodus up to chapter 8 as well as a preview of what is coming up. I will have a proposed schedule of reading for the entire year to hand out that has us covering about 20 pages a week.

My approach to leading an Arcana class is based on the observation that the internal sense in its beauty is not visible “while the words are being explained as to the internal sense in detail, but with all things both in general and particular brought together into a single series or connection” (Arcana Caelestia 1772). While we will focus on many specific sections of the text, I will be working to help all of us keep the big picture in mind.

~ Rev. Eric Carswell